What did I get from this week’s small group meeting?


by Stace Massengill


Everyone has problems. We know this, but when we’re in the middle of a crisis, all we can see is our own situation. It’s easy to feel alone, like there’s no one but us going through difficulties.

But the truth is, we’re NOT the only ones. Many around us struggle daily, usually keeping it all to themselves — just like we all tend to do. We bury our feelings inside, not wanting those around us to see our sorrows. It helps greatly to talk about these things that are overwhelming us, however. That’s what is so awesome about having a “small group” of believers with whom to share our burdens.

Why small groups are so crucial…

God’s Word tells us that we are supposed to “share one another’s burdens,” which helps to lighten the load. Plus, once we’ve shared our troubles with people who care and can relate because of their own trials, then we can all pray for one another in specific terms. And when God’s people pray, agreeing together on our behalf, God hears…and His grace is poured out.

The Bible says that His grace is sufficient and abundant, able to carry us through any situation. What does that mean? We might not necessarily be brought out of our circumstances immediately, which is what we want in that moment. But God’s grace will equip us with what we need to see our way out.

GraceLightAs one person put it, “Grace isn’t the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s the light that helps us see our way through the tunnel.” Who said that, you ask? Someone at our small group meeting did.

So…why continue struggling alone? Get connected to a church small group today!

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